All our colleagues in the group, our talented, experienced and innovative human resources are the most valuable treasures of our corporation.

Distinguished Investors and Business Partners of Alarko Holding, Valuable Colleagues and Employees,

 Alarko Group's “High-Quality Service and Production” vision adopted for 70 years has proven successful, helping us become the preferred brand. We are happy to be one of the most respected and favorite institutions with our activities both in the country and abroad. We will keep raising the bar even further in future, and continue along this path embracing innovations and changes. We will continuously renew and improve our strategies, business segments and our organization, staying true to our core values. We will maintain our commitment to becoming the strongest, the most reliable and profitable company, taking strength from a dynamic approach driven by our appetite for change.


We strongly believe in the fertility of our country and its future growth, which motivates us and gives us hope. Despite the decreasing private sector investments in developing countries, Alarko Group has increased its investments within the scope of its 2020 - 2023 business program, and created employment opportunities.


While we will keep investing in our country within the scope of our sustainable growth strategies, we will also continue encouraging global foreign companies to invest in our country. As we plan our new investments, we attach great importance to our strategies, risk management systems, liquidity position and all technological developments in order to successfully overcome the economic, social and geopolitical fluctuations of our age.

In this connection, we have put into operation our venture firm in order to invest in ventures that experiment with new business models by means of benefiting from technology in the international arena. We aim to identify at an early stage the new-generation ventures that will lead others and be sustainable in the long run, and invest in them. Our technology investments are the new business segment added to our investments in the field of Energy, Tourism, Real Estate, Air-Conditioning and Contracting, and will shed light on our other activities synergistically.

All our colleagues in our group and our skilled, experienced and innovative human force are our most valuable asset. We continue along our path with a strong belief in our young and skilled team, to which we attach great importance. On the other hand, our expanding and growing organizational memory involving all decisions made in the history of our company and their positive or negative results is also an important asset. As we strive to derive the maximum benefit from this wealth of experience and the lessons we learned, we believe it is necessary to transfer our organizational memory to our skilled young employees.

There is nothing that cannot be accomplished once forces are joined by sharing knowledge and experience. We will take firm steps forward being led by our young colleagues keeping up with the latest innovations, their creative dynamism and the guidance of our experienced mentors. Within this framework, we aim to put into operation the digital transformation as required by our age in parallel with our operations, and accelerate our efforts in this regard.

We will relentlessly remind all our colleagues, shareholders and customers that being reliable is our essential objective, and that we will need to comply with our superior business ethics and honest working principles to achieve such objective. With its visionary and entrepreneurial approach, our company will continue fostering its dynamism even further and is about to take a major leap forward. Our core objective is to spend our best efforts together with our country, customers, shareholders and business partners to join our forces and create value for everyone. 

Please accept my warmest regards and best wishes.

Chairman of the Board