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    Alarko Holding Publishes Its Sustainability Report

    Alarko Holding contributes to a better future for all through responsible investment principles mobilizes its power for transformation in this field, and has released the 2022 Sustainability Report, which details the group's sustainability actions and ambitions.

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    Great Almaty Ring Road Project Is Completed

    The Great Almaty Ring Road (BAKAD), 30 kilometers from Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, has been put into service, with Alarko Contracting Group as a consortium member. The 66-kilometer Greater Almaty Ring Road, the first large-scale Build-Operate-Transfer project in Kazakhstan, which was commissioned on June 16, 2023, will serve 2 million people.

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    Alarko Investment Group Starts Its Operations

    It is aimed to make Alarko's portfolio higher-yielding, more dynamic, and more flexible, and to increase the share of international investments through medium- and long-term investments under Alarko Investment Group, which was founded as a new business line within Alarko Holding.

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    Alarko Holding Enters Agriculture and Food Sector

    Alarko Holding announced that it has started its agriculture and food business with the Alto Farm brand as of 2023. The Company’s goal is to promote sustainable agriculture through various acquisitions and development activities in Greenhouse operations, Fertilizers, Food Processing, Seed Breeding, and Herbal Medicine, all while meeting its strategic growth targets in both domestic and international markets.

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    Alarko Tourism Group Starts Working on a New Hotel in Bodrum

    With a new hotel investment in Bodrum, Alarko Tourism Group is growing the Hillside brand, which makes a difference in the tourism sector with its "feel-good" mission. After renovations, the 1022-bed Green Beach Resort Hotel in Bodrum Gündoğan, which Alarko Real Estate Investment Trust acquired, is scheduled to reopen under the Hillside Bodrum brand in 2024, sporting a new style and concept.

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    Signing Ceremony of Bucharest Henri Coanda M6 Metro Lot 1.1 Project

    With a ceremony on March 8, 2022, the agreement between Metrorex S.A. and Alsim Alarko-Makyol Joint Venture, which won the tender for the construction of the Metro Connection to Henri Coanda International Airport, Lot 1.1 in Bucharest, Romania, was signed and became operative.

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    Alarko Group of Companies Starts Its Investment Company: ALYAT

    Alarko Group of Companies has decided to start a new company; Alyat Teknoloji Yatırımları Holding A.Ş. to invest in next-generation businesses with significant technological potential.

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    Worldwide Award for Hillside Beach Club at the Prestigious Haute Grandeur Tourism Awards

    Hillside Beach Club was named the World's Best Resort at the prestigious Haute Grandeur Tourism Awards.

  • Kabataş Mahmutbey Metro 1

    Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Section of Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Starts Operation

    Upon completion of the provisional acceptance, the first section of the Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro, the first driverless metro on the European side, undertaken by Alarko Contracting Group, was opened for commercial operation on October 28, 2020.

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    2017 Taldykol Treatment Plant Project Completed

    The 5th and last phase of the Taldykol Lake Rehabilitation and Waste Water Treatment Plant was completed as of the end of October 2017. With the completion of the project , the waste water treatment plant was brought up to the UNESCO standards and one that can answer the requirements of a modern capital.

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    Karabiga Power Plant in Commercial Operation

    The second unit of the Karabiga Power Plant consisting of 2 units of 660 MW capacity each and whose first unit went in operation on November 7, 2017 in accordance with the provisional acceptance of the ETKB (Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources) was also completed successfully and went into commercial operation as of 28.12.2017.

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    Hillside Beach Club is the Winner of the Skalite Award for the 10th Time

    The Hillside Beach Club came in first in the “Best Resort Hotel” category, making it the first hotel in Turkey to win the Skalite Award 10 times.

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    We Commemorate the Memory

    Our Honorary Chairman İshak Alaton, who in addition to being a successful industrialist always created a difference with his visionary stance and honesty, has left us. We will always cherish his memory.

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    Alarko undertakes the Kabataş - Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey Metro Line Project for the Istanbul Metro

    The metro line will be constructed by Alarko's Contracting Group and is planned to be commissioned by mid 2018.

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    Çanakkale Karabiga Import Coal-Based Power Plant

    The power plant, a 50:50 joint venture undertaking between Alarko Energy Group and Cengiz Holding is planned to be operational by 2018.

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    Karakuz Hydroelectric Power Plant is Commissioned

    Alarko commissioned the Karakuz Hydroelectric Power Plant set up by the Energy Group.

  • Alarko MBA

    Alarko Collaborates with BAU for an MBA Program

    Two major brands, Alarko Holding and Bahceşehir University jointly set up the Alarko BAU MBA. This pioneering cooperation of academia and the private sector to jointly invest in advancing professional eduction has been envisioned for the first time in Turkey.

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    The Kiev Boryspil Airport Project is Launched

    Alarko completed the project which was developed to serve the increasing number of passengers in Kiev, Ukraine, and consisted of construction of terminal buildings, aprons, viaducts and roads.

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    Electromechanical Works are Launched for the Ankara Subway

    Construction and improvement works were started for the M1, M2, M3 and M4 lines of the Ankara metro in cooperation with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

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    Kırklareli Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant is Commissioned

    Alarko commissioned Phase II of the Kırklareli Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant established by the Energy Group.

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    First Ride on Antalya's Rail System

    Alarko completed the construction of the rail system in 1.5 years in cooperation with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality.

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    Alarko Engages in Electricty Distribution

    Co-founded by Alsim Alarko and Cengiz Holding, Alcen Elektrik acquires Meram Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. from a privitization tender.

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    Alarko is Awarded Contract for Rail Systems in Samsun

    The Alsim Alarko Consortium signed an agreement upon being awarded a 156 million Euro contract for light rail systems by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.

  • Levent Hacıosman Metro

    2007 4. Levent-Ayazağa Section of the Istanbul Subway to be Constructed by Alarko

    Phase 3 of the Istanbul Metro project was launched by a joint venture between Alarko Holding and Makyol İnşaat.


    Kırklareli Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant is Commissioned

    Alarko Energy Group commissioned Phase I of the Kırklareli Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant.

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    Alfarm Alarko Leröy Continues with Successful Operations

    Alarko established a joint venture with Hallvard Leröy AS, one of the world's largest salmon growers and exporters. Alarko Fishery Products Group continued to operate through the Alfarm Alarko-Leröy partnership.

  • Hillside Su Hotel

    Hillside Su Hotel Opens

    Being one of the first concept hotels selected by Design Hotels Group to collaborate in Turkey, Hillside Su Hotel was opened.

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    Construction Starts for Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Crude Oil Pipeline

    Alarko Contracting Group undertook the crude oil pipeline project, which is planned to deliver 1 million barrels of oil per day.

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    We Commemorate the Memory of Dr. Üzeyir Garih

    Dr. Üzeyir Garih, who always rested his views on life and business on the principles of compassion, fairness and moderation, passed away. His views, contribution and the values that he made an integral part of Alarko will never be forgotten. Our founder is greatly missed.

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    Alarko Partners with SNET

    Alarko entered into a strategic 50:50 joint venture partnership with Societé Nationale d’Electricité et Thermique (SNET), a leading French energy company.

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    Alarko Grows with New Factories

    Alarko Carrier Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. commissioned new factories and facilities in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone.

  • Hızlıtren3

    Alarko Unites Power with TCDD

    Alarko Contracting Group launched high-speed train and metro projects with Turkish State Railways (TCDD).


    Joint venture with Carrier

    Industry and Trade Group entered into a 50:50 joint venture with Carrier, a global leader.

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    Alarko Real Estate Investment Company is Founded

    Alarko Real Estate Investment Company was founded. Alarko Real Estate Investment Company became the first real estate investment company to trade in Istanbul Stock Exchange.

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    Alarko Radiator Factory is Commisioned

    Built on Alarko's accumulated experience and know-how, the radiator factory started manufacturing durable, high-quality radiator devices.


    Hillside Beach Club Breathes New Life into Tourism

    Located in the Kalemya Bay of Fethiye, the "Hillside Beach Club" brand started to be managed by Alarko Tourism Group.

  • Alkent

    Alarko Lays the Foundation for Alkent Istanbul 2000

    Foundation was laid for Alkent Istanbul 2000, one of Alarko's best-known projects.

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    Alarko Industry and Trade IPO's

    Alarko Industry and Trade went public, reinforcing its strength and reputation.

  • T25

    Alarko Alfarm is Founded

    Alarko's Fishery Products Group Alfarm was founded with a vision of success and leadership.

  • Berdan Hidroelektrik Santralı Tarsus MERSİN

    Hydroelectric Power Plant Works

    Alarko initiated hydroelectric power plant projects through partnerships.

  • 1994 Ashgabad International Airport Turkmenistan

    Alarko Launches Overseas Operations

    Alarko Contracting Group started its operations in Russia and CIS member states. Major infrastructure, construction and industrial plant works were completed in Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

  • Resim 3 Brülör Üretim Hattı

    Construction of the Istanbul Natural Gas Distribution Network Awarded to Alarko

    Alarko was awarded the construction of the Istanbul natural gas distribution network.

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    Alarko Education & Culture Foundation is Established

    Alarko established the Alarko Education & Culture Foundation to contribute to the development of education and culture in Turkey.

  • Alkent Uyduşehir Etiler 4

    Foundations are Laid for Alarko Alkent Etiler

    Alarko laid the foundation for the Alkent Etiler Housing project which left a mark on 1980's as the most prominent housing project of the decade.

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    Alarko Future's Youth is Chartered

    Alarko Youth Club was chartered to train and develop successful managers of the future.

  • Alamsaş

    Alarko ALAMSAŞ Starts Exports

    Alarko generates added value by commencing export operations of ALAMSAŞ products.

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    Increased Strength with Alarko ALTRON and ALPAZ

    ALTRON, Alarko's plant for the electrical industry, came into operation. Alarko started manufacturing color TV, music sets and cash registers for Blaupunkt and NEC. ALPAZ was founded for the marketing of similar products.

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    Alarko Goes Public

    Alarko Holding sold 15% of its shares to the public. The company successfully reached nearly 1000 shareholders.

  • 1970Ler Alarko Holding Binası

    Alarko Becomes a Holding

    Alarko is incorporated as a holding company, turns to heavy industry and starts building turn-key complete industrial facilities. The company engages in the manufacturing of industrial processing equipment (ovens, conveyors, pumps, burners, tables, cooling - air-conditioning), food industry, tourism, housing and the service sector.

  • Alamsaş Fabrika

    Alarko ALAMSAŞ Plant Begins Operations

    The ALAMSAŞ Alarko Ağır Makina Sanayi A.Ş. Plant came into operation.

  • Alfenaş Bina

    ALFENAŞ and ALMÜT are Founded

    ALFENAŞ was founded for the sales and marketing of products manufactured at the ALSAC plant, and ALMÜT was founded for imports and agency activities.

  • Maslak Bina 3

    Alarko Rises in Maslak with Business Centers Development Project

    Alarko Land Development Group started its first major operations with the undertaking of Maslak Business Center Development Project.

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    Alarko Builds Complete Industrial Facilities

    Alarko started contracting activities for complete industrial facilities with more than 150 engineers and over 400 technicians and workers, using domestic resources.

  • Alsac 2

    Alarko Becomes an Incorporated Company

    Alarko gains momentum and is corporated as “Alarko Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.” with a capital of TL 3,500,000. Alarko was the first Turkish company to actualize the idea of an Industrial Product Catalogue.

  • Alsac

    First Alarko Factory is Set Up

    Manufacturing of Alarko air-conditioning devices commences in the Topçular, Rami factory.

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    Alarko in Engineering

    Focusing on engineering, Alarko started to work on solutions for industrial problems related to thermodynamics. An engineering team of 10 was formed to built sophisticated custom made air-conditioning solutions for such institutions as the Central Bank Banknote Printing-House and the Additional Weaving Complex for Sümerbank Malatya.

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    Alarko Begins Industrial Manufacturing

    Alarko begins industrial manufacturing.

  • Adsız 1

    Alarko Expands Its Activities

    Alarko undertakes heating, air-conditioning and cooling operations using innovative and advanced techniques.

  • Vefai Han

    Alarko is Born

    Alarko is incorporated as a limited partnership to operate in the fields of heating, air-conditioning and cooling. The company started out with a capital of TL 20,000 and two shareholders, namely the founders İshak Alaton and Üzeyir Garih, in a single room of Vefai Han on Bankalar Caddesi, Istanbul.

  • 11

    What Does "Alarko" Mean?

    The company's name was created from the first two letters of the Turkish words for procurement, research and set up of complete facilities, which represent Alarko's activities.