Problems such as climate crisis, ecosystem destruction, biodiversity crisis and pressure on natural assets are becoming more systemic every year.

We recognize that it is not possible to build a healthy economy without a healthy planet. We believe that the ecological destruction wrought by humanity over the last few centuries must be reversed. Therefore, one of the pillars of our sustainability strategy is the planet. We strive to improve our performance by setting targets related to climate change, ecosystem restoration, and preservation of natural assets.

Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration: At Alarko, under the "Planet" pillar of our sustainability strategy, we have identified ecosystem restoration as one of our material topics and set our long-term targets for the protection of biodiversity and water. Accordingly, each year we will allocate 30% more resources for ecosystem restoration and biodiversity conservation compared to the previous year.

Through innovative business models, we aspire to support regenerative agricultural practices that enhance soil health. We are also implementing projects to minimize our environmental footprint within our existing operations and investing in sustainable initiatives.

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Our expenditures on biodiversity studies in 2022 reached 4.5 Million TL.

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We also set critical targets regarding water use. Water is at the center of production as well as the source of life. Access to water, which becomes more difficult day by day, makes it inevitable for the private sector to take restoration actions on the subject. We are aware of our responsibility regarding this issue and aim to be able to reuse all the water we use throughout the group by 2035. Thus, we aim to have a completely circular production approach.

While we are trying to reach our 2035 target in the long term, as Alarko Holding and Group companies, we are currently trying to reduce the water we use. In 2022, we reduced our water use by 3.5% compared to 2020 and 9% compared to 2021.

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