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"Since the beginning of 2023, we have consistently achieved results above our financial budget in each reporting period. Despite the challenging business conditions throughout the year, including the earthquake disaster deeply affecting everyone in our country, macroeconomic uncertainties, ongoing conflicts in our region, and the election process, Alarko Holding has diligently continued its operations with high precision, which has been rewarded with successful financial outcomes.
The executive ability, effective financial policies, and digitalization efforts, which Alarko Holding has always proudly highlighted, have been the main elements behind the achievements during this period.
Looking at the third quarter performance, highly successful results were achieved. Our consolidated profit in the third quarter reached 4 bn TL, while our consolidated profit for the first 9 months reached 9 bn TL, indicating a rise of 19%. Controlled commercial expenses, meticulously monitored cash flow, and proactive implementation of risk hedging initiatives since the beginning of the year have supported the financial structure and profit.
The growth momentum in the Agriculture and Food Industry, a cornerstone of our vision for 2030, gained traction in early 2023. While our motivation to enhance our greenhouse activities continue, the forthcoming commissioning of our micro-granule plant in the following months will further showcase the impact of fertilizer activities on our financials. Our leap into the Food Industry and the seed sector aims to support institutionalization in these fields, add value to Turkey, and continue creating value for all stakeholders.
During this period, we declared our intention to enter the aviation sector after long-term efforts. Our focus involves transformation and modification of wide-body passenger aircraft, obtaining relevant international licenses, manufacturing parts, applying these modifications in passenger aircraft at hangars with international standards and authorizations, and encompassing aircraft buying and selling. By 2025, we anticipate witnessing how this area adds extra value to Alarko.
For the rest of the year, we will closely monitor not only domestic but also international market central bank policies, commodity prices, and inflation. To mitigate the impact of these risks on our Group's activities, we will continue our proactive approach by using various hedging instruments.
At Alarko Holding, we view sustainability as a tool for creating long-term value and are working towards developing business models that prioritize long-term environmental and social benefits in all our Group companies and future investments. Under the sustainability motto "Value for the Future," we have set our goals and strategies in the areas of "Planet," "People and Culture," and "Digital Transformation and Innovation." In this context, we are sharing the Alarko Holding Sustainability Report with all stakeholders.
In the upcoming period, we will continue to create shareholder value for all our stakeholders, generate benefits for our country, and simultaneously strengthen our financial capacity while sustaining our operations.''

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Founded in 1954 as a limited partnership by İshak Alaton and Üzeyir Garih, Alarko Holding is one of the most respected enterprises of the Turkish economy with its leading brands, extensive knowledge and experience in various fields, high-technology driven R&D investments, national sales network, international projects and ambition for global competition.


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