The turn-key project consists of the engineering, design, procurement and construction of the Astana International Airport with all modern mechanical, electrical, electronic and air navigation systems. The work includes the construction of 48.000 m2 different buildings primarily the New Passenger Terminal Building, Air Traffic Control Building and additional 335.000 m2 Apron - Taxiway and Access Roads. All buildings shall be fitted with all electrical, mechanical and special security systems. There are also an “off- site” railway fuel storage area supplying fuel to the airport, fuel storage area of the airport and hydrant fuel supply system, construction of electricity, telephone, water and sewage lines between Astana and the Airport to be installed. The supply of special ground support equipment e.g. fire fighting vehicles, snow clearing equipment & aircraft servicing trucks, also included within the scope of the Works.

Astana/ Kazakhstan

CLIENT: R.S.E International Airport Astana

CAPACITY: 3,000,000 passengers / year

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