The turn-key project consists of the engineering, construction of 465 km of 42’’ crude oil pipeline and the transportation of the pipes from different locations of Turkey.

The project includes also the construction of block valve stations. The route of the pipeline is passing through very difficult terrain of the Otlukbeli Mountains, from the elevation as high as 2800 m and at temperature as low as –25 oC.

Following the route towards the west from KP 530 to 580 another difficult mountainous area near Refahiye has to be passed.

This project is the central section within the Turkish territory of the crude oil pipeline from Baku, Azerbaijan to Ceyhan, Turkey, via Georgia. The capacity of the pipeline is of 1,0 million barrels per day.

During the execution very high level and strict HSE requirements of the main client BP were applied on all works.



CAPACITY: 1,0 million barrels / day

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