The Almaty Ring Road will be implemented as a 20-years BTO (Build-Transfer-Operate) PPP (Public Private Partnership) where the concessionaire will be responsible for building, financing, operating, collecting tolls, and maintaining the road. The turn-key project consists of the engineering, procurement and construction of the Project. The Almaty Ring Road is a 66 km long asphalt paved road located in the northern part of Almaty. The road will be constructed as Category I-a and it will have 4 lanes in first and the last sections (9 km), and 6 lanes in all the other sections (57 km). The main road will be connected to the existing traffic network within 7 interchange locations. To serve the operation period, an Intelligent Traffic Management and Toll Collection System as well as Maintenance Yard will be constructed. The construction will be completed in 50 months. The Almaty Ring Road will have 13 overpasses, 6 underpasses, 1 railway underpass, 18 river bridges and 1 retaining wall. Design speed will be 150 km/h.


CLIENT: Ministry of Transport and Communications Republic of Kazakhstan

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