The Project which is mainly based on a pipeline system is installed at approximately 250 m below the sea surface and tethered to the seabed (max. depth 1400 m) and spanning 80 kms of sea crossing originates at Anamur (Turkey) and terminates at Gu¨zelyalı (Cyprus). The pipeline is formed as a single line HDPE-100 pipe as in the diameter of 1600 mm and provide 75 million m3/year water and it is the first project which is constructed as in such length. Works to be performed: geophysical, geotechnical, bathymetric, oceanographic land & sea explorations; biofouling studies; environmental impact assestment; physical modelling and hydrodynamical studies; preparation of execution drawings and technical specifications for the off-shore and on-shore land structures which include the Alako¨pru¨ Dam on the Dragon River (Turkey) and the Gec¸itko¨y Dam (Cyprus), approx. 25 kms long on-shore steel transmission pipelines, a balancing tank (10.000 m3) and pumping stations.



DESIGN: Intec Engineering BV

CAPACITY: 75 hm3/year

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