Diesel/Kerosene Hydroprocessing And CCR Reformer Unit Plant Tüpraş Kırıkkale Oil Refinery

The Project consists of engineering, procurement, manufacturing equipment and implementation of all civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works on a turn-key basis. The aim of the project is to increase the production capacity of unleaded fuel and bring the ceiling limit of sulphur content of diesel oil down to 0.005% for conformance with the EC norms to be adopted in the year 2005. The project has been completed in 2008.

The main works include : 7.900 tons process equipment, 6.300 tons piping, 124.000 m2 painting, 76.000 m2 insulation, 31.000 m3 excavation, 33.600 m3 concrete, 3.200 tons steel works.

Kırıkkale/ Turkey

CLIENT: Tüpraş



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