Scholarship Opportunities

Alarko Holding aims to protect the development and motivation of young people with non-refundable scholarships.

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Alarko Education - Culture Foundation

Since its establishment, Alarko Education-Culture Foundation (ALEV) has been offering non-refundable scholarships for students from a variety of educational levels; namely high school students, undergraduate students and graduate degree participants. The foundation aims to support educating the country's youth so that the next generation is well-trained and fully prepared for the information age of the 21st century. ALEV continues to stand by the youth with financial and moral support.

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Alarko Holding aims to contribute to the development of the youth through non-refundable scholarships. Offering financial and moral support as well as awards and collaboration opportunities in its research and development activities, Alarko Holding helps educating the youth as competent individuals of the future.

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Scholarship for Children of Alarko Members

Alarko shows its material and moral support in the scientific field with the non-refundable scholarships it provides to promising students.